Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Suzanna's Diary for Nicholas

This is a book I have just read for the second time. Very easy simple book to read, but this time it got me thinking, mainly because the last time I read this book I didn't have children.
It is by James Patterson, yes that James Patterson who writes all the very un romantic books.

Anyway, this is about a diary a mum wrote to her new son.
Made me think of all I have done in the last 36 years that I should really write down for my 2 sons. Like all 36 address's I have had in the last 36 years. Things I remember from my childhood. How I felt about certain events as they happened. Where I was on 9/11, especially as I wasn't at home and was just on my way to London from Hong Kong!

So maybe I will keep you posted along the way with how things are coming a long with my epic write for my sons.

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