Wednesday, 12 May 2010


The local Poly got in touch this week to talk to me about my application to do the Bachelors of Nursing.
Unfortunately it is not looking good.
Turns out that they have a limit on credit that can be given out for prior learning, and that level is 180 points. This in turn works out to be 18 months of a 3 yr course.
So they have comeback to me to say that I can complete my Bachelors with them if I want to undertake an 18 month full time course!

I can, if I like, start this course in July.
Yea right, like I can commit to a fulltime course for the next 18 months, oh and then I would have to complete the fulltime 1yr course for Teaching after that.
That amounts to 2 1/2 yrs fulltime, so may as well just do the whole 3yr course for Teacher training in the beginning?

I can, if I wish, complete the Bachelors of Education as a parttime course, which I think would amount to about 5 yrs!
So if I am going to start anything parttime, then I think it may be this, at least if I am going to study anything over the next year, then let it be something that will go towards my Teaching and not Nursing, because at the end of the day I really do not need a Bachelors of Nursing, it was just the simpler way, or so I thought, of getting to be a Teacher.

I am still going to talk to the Tutor at the local Poly and see exactly what she has planned, but at the same time I am going to apply, very quickly, for the next intake of the Bachelors of Education.

Will keep you posted on how things go....?

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kimara said...

You will never regret any education you get. In 5 years or 18months doesn't matter. Time marches on you may as well accomplish something. I know I wish I did!