Thursday, 13 May 2010


Today I had the wonderful pleasure of finally talking to the Head of Health at the local Poly.
Yes I do need to do an 18month fulltime course with them to get my degree, but she doesn't recommend I do the course!
Unfortuately this poly changed their courses a while back and it sure ain't in my favour!

The maximum points that can be cross credited is 180, for a degree you need 360.
Therefore I would have to do 18 months fulltime at a course and this is where the funny part comes in....I would have to join a currently running Bachelors course for the last 18months of their course.
It would entale me taking 12 papers in that time.
When I enquired as to the timetable, then it would be fulltime, Monday to Friday 8-5pm.
AND I would have to do some clinical placements.
When I enquired further as to what that was for I was gobsmacked at the answer.
The answer was that I would be on a nursing programme and therefore I would have to do clinical placements like the STUDENT nurses I was doing the course with.
Yes that is correct, you read right, me, an already registered nurse with 15yrs experience, would have to go and do student nurse clinical placements to be able to get my Bachelors of Nursing.
Me, who is currently working 4 days a week as a nurse, would have to go on placements and be assessed to see whether I had what it took to be a nurse?!

I just about fell off my chair at work when she told me this. It was so belittling to me as a nurse, it made me feel stupid and useless.
I can not understand their logic in saying that as an already qualified nurse, to be able to upskill to get a degree, I would have to join student nurses.
What happened to going forward with your education, not 3 steps back!

So consequently I will not be going to the local poly to undertake my course.
I think that the easiest thing to do will be to apply directly to the University for the 3yr teaching course and start it part time.
It may take me 4/5yrs but at least I am working towards what I want to do and not going backwards to be able to go forwards!

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